In everybody's life there comes a time where you realize that your life is not headed in the direction you want it to go.  You can either take matters into your own hands or you can bury your head in the ground and give up.  When Catfish found himself at a salebarn in New Mexico, he took matters into his own hands!
He was part of a truckload of bulls that was stopped there to rest for the night.  They were on their way to a packing house in Texas.  That night he jumped about four of the six foot fences.  Luckily, when the driver loaded the bulls, he forgot to do a head count.  When he realized that he was one bull short, it was too late to turn back and get him.  The packers called the salebarn and told them to run him through the sale.  Phil purchased him and he headed to Colorado, to begin his bucking career.  From his first trip, he showed that he had what it took to be a bucker.  He had the heart, the dispostion and most definitely, the talent.
During his career, Catfish went to many open bullridings in Colorado and surrounding states.  He also was hauled to PBR touring pro events in Greeley, Casper, Tuscon, Meeteetsee, Bismark, Montrose, Grand Junction, and Denver.  At these events, he threw off some well known PBR riders.  Cody Lambert also marked him a 22 point bull at Bismark in 2001.  Catfish was bucked from the fall of 1998  until early 2005 and was only ridden a handful of times. 
When they did cover him, it was usually for a first place check. 
Catfish is now retired from bucking and is out to prove that a salebarn bull can be a top sire.  TR Cattle has so much confidence in him, that they have nominated him as a lifetime incentive sire with the ABBI. 
Watch for his great calves at future events!
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